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Todd Wilms

Book Description

Most startups fail, even the ones with great products.

Even great products need a smart strategy to reach their market. Beyond Product provides the missing link for entrepreneurs and founders to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Beyond Product shows founders how to take their organization through each stage of growth, overcome common obstacles, and learn from common mistakes. There’s no need to go it alone. This roadmap provides the guidance you need to successfully launch your great idea into the market.

About the Author

Todd Wilms is a marketing executive in the San Francisco Bay Area, helping to manage some of the best-known brands on the planet (SAP, PayPal, Verisign), as well as some that would like to be. He has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes, and the WSJ, as well as over 100 contributions on the Forbes platform. He is a highly sought-after keynote presenter, known for his engaging, personable style. Todd is married, has two boys and is seriously considering getting a dog.

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