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Bill Humbert

Book Description

Employee 5.0: Secrets of a Successful Job Search In The New World Order is Bill’s second book. Over 40 years as a Talent Attraction expert, RecruiterGuy.com, he found that most candidates never learned how to successfully find a new position beyond posting online and praying that the right person sees their resume.

Talent Attraction mirrors the Sales Process perfectly – few companies understand that concept. Therefore, they treat recruiting as an administrative process. They use their Applicant Tracking System to screen the best candidates out. They only screen keywords, not experience.

As an expert Career Coach, Bill demonstrates the search for a new job mirrors the Sales Process perfectly. Bill’s book is structured with the 12 Steps it takes to find their next position. Included in his book are the major pain points for job seekers – creating a resume, networking, interviewing, and Salary Negotiation. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 shut down on March 15 to November 30, 27 of the professionals Bill coached excitedly announced they accepted new offers. The majority received substantial increases in compensation.

This book includes links to the many television interviews where this expert discusses different aspects of the job search with TV hosts.

About the Author

Bill Humbert, CEO of RecruiterGuy.com, is an expert Talent Attraction consultant with 40 years of recruiting experience.  His clients have included Transamerica, MCI Telecommunications (Created the Recruiting Strategy and Led Talent Attraction to recruit 133 Commercial Billing IT Professionals to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 12 months), MainStream Management LLC, HID Global, The Washington Post, Cache Valley Electric, and Acciona Energy among many others. Bill is a twice published author of books on Finding A Job and an experienced Speaker. Bill is known as The Candidate Whisperer. He presented to the Salt Lake SHRM meeting in January 2020 on Proper Goal Setting and virtually in October 2020 on “Make Your Company ROAR (Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain) Top Talent” for the Iowa State SHRM Conference.  Since 2008, Bill has presented over 150 ninety-minute webinars on Talent Attraction topics. He is a sought after Television Interview guest with appearances on CNN Headline News, C-Suite Best Sellers TV, KCRG, KGAN, KSL, KSTU, and Park City TV.  He has been quoted in the NY Times and The Province, Vancouver, BC. He writes two weekly Thought Leadership blogs, #TalentAttraction #Tuesday and #JobSearch #Friday.

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