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Janna Hoiberg

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Are you a member of a family in business together or, do you know someone in a family business? Then you know the challenges associated with running a successful family business and maintaining good family relationships. This book will provide practical advice and ideas for both running the business and keeping your family relationships close and strong.
Family businesses are wonderful. They provide a great environment for family and extended family to work together. Except when the relationships don’t work! Then the impact to the family, the business and the employees can be catastrophic. The book features way to minimize (notice it doesn’t say eliminate) family conflict, business stress and potential business failure.
• Learn more about: Joys, challenges, opportunities and threats in a family business
• How to improve communication within the family and the business
• Upsides and downsides of the family business
• Ways to create boundaries between work and home
• Relationships between family members to each other and other employees
• How to pass the torch from one generation to another.

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