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John Lopez, PhD

Book Description

Businesses operate in an increasingly diverse, global workforce, and in the coming years in the U.S., net international migration is expected to be among the largest factors influencing population growth. And in recent years, various research shows more diverse organizations perform noticeably better than less diverse organizations.

Research shows more diverse organizations perform noticeably better less diverse organizations. Dr. Lopez shares stories of an immigrant’s journey to the C-Suite, and addresses various topics including shifting demographics, American dynamics through an immigrant’s lens, and recent cultural transformations. He outlines 20 activities divided into four levels that organizations can implement to increase cultural competence and productivity between and among teams, and leaders can accomplish to prepare for or excel in C-Suite positions.

About the Author

John Lopez, PhD, is president of Lopez Research & Consulting, LLC based in suburban Denver, Colorado. Dr. Lopez has over two decades of thought-leadership, strategic and operational management, and public policy experience as chief administrative officer and multiple vice president positions and senior staff roles at higher education institutions, nonprofit, public, private, for-profit and publicly traded organizations. Previous positions include vice president of government affairs, vice president of planning and research, graduate faculty for educational research courses, and legislative staff for a state senator in the Nebraska Legislature.

Lopez earned his PhD in higher education specializing in management and policy from the University of Arizona. John is proud of his service in the U.S. Navy, holds dual U.S. and Belizean citizenship, and his hobbies include golf, traveling, and philanthropic work in Belize.

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