C-Suite Network™

Joyce Layman

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We’re stuck in an outdated maze of networking. The stacks of collected, untouched business cards threaten to tumble off your desk. The countless networking events have yielded no real connections. The social media stream is endless but seemingly fruitless. You don’t need more of the same. You need an ADVANTAGE. A Connecting Advantage.

With refreshing new views on how not to network, Joyce Layman helps you identify the strategies, tips, and techniques that will work for you to become connected and connecting, including…
• The keys to your personal brand – including how to separate yourself from the pack
• Strategies to put you in the mood – finding networking nirvana vs a tiny version of hell
• When, why and how to break up a business relationship – without damaging your reputation
• Intentionally creating serendipity – it really can be the “right place, right time”

With #connectinghacks to make life easier plus numerous resources from experts including Daniel Pink, Dorie Clark, Bob Burg, William Arruda, Jayson Gaignard, and Adam Grant, Your Connecting Advantage is your secret weapon to building the business relationships you crave.

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