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Jeff Brandeis

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There are many books available to teach you techniques for closing a sale (meaning bringing a new client on board to your firm), and this book does an outstanding job of that. In fact, you will be amazed at how practical these sales techniques are and how immediately successful they will be for you. Whether you are bringing a new client onboard or selling additional services to an existing client – it is all about sales. You may be the best technical CPA but that will not help you grow your practice. Building relationships and trust will. The biggest thing that sets this book apart from all the rest is that it talks about what happens after you close a sale. Through the techniques given in this book, you’ll have the ability to open a relationship and turn a first-time customer into a customer for life. As a sales professional, my goal should be to make you a customer for life – and my actions will reflect that. Instead of just using slick gimmicks or sales formulas, I’ll treat you with integrity. I’ll be earnestly working to identify and understand your needs in order to help you find the best fit with the services or products my firm offers. I’ll be BECOMING A RAINMAKER: A GUIDE FOR ACCOUNTANTS AND CPAs striving to create a relationship of trust and rapport, resulting in a genuine desire to bring out the best in everyone. This may very well become your favorite sales book, or possibly even the first one you ever read. (And yes, even a CPA/Accountant is in sales.) It has the potential to change the way you sell and make you more successful than you ever imagined. It combines research with practical strategies that really work. We are excited that you have chosen to give us a chance to help you prove it! Your complete satisfaction is our future! Jeff Brandeis & David Bergstein CPA

About the Author

Jeff Brandeis is a sales coach and author with over 25 years of experience with an agile sales methodology that focuses on increasing sales through a sustainable repeatable sales process.
His career began in New York, New York where he learned the power of process from the city’s top CPA firms. Rainmaker provides Jeff’s unique experience on how accountants can increase revenue by improving their sales skills. Combining this with his certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming makes him truly unique in his field. His company Brandeis Training Solutions has coached & trained over 40,000 salespeople.
He is actively working with CPA firms to move them to become a Client Advisory Services firm that increases revenue and gets them closer to their clientele.

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