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C-Suite Book Club is the best business book club available in the market today. Choose from the greatest New York Times Best Selling authors for impeccable reads from business to leadership, entrepreneurship and sales. If you’re an author, list your book today!

Must Read

  • Tom Fox

    Tom Fox

    The Compliance Handbook: A Guide to Operationalizing Your Compliance Program 2nd Edition
  • David Black

    David Black

    Ripped Apart: Living Misdiagnosed: Gary and Carol Stern's Epic Fight Against Malpractice in the American Health Care System
  • Captain Emil Dobrovolschi & Octavian Pantiș

    Captain Emil Dobrovolschi & Octavian Pantiș

    Dark Cockpit: How to Communicate, Lead, and Be in Control at All Times Like an Airline Captain
  • Mitzi Perdue

    Mitzi Perdue

    How Can I Make A Difference?: 52 Tips For Combating Human Trafficking
  • Jon Petz

    Jon Petz

    Boring Meetings Sucke
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