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Get ready to learn the purpose of a sales coach and over 70 principles that will transform you from a manager into a coach. In Leadership Sales Coaching, Jason shares the experience that comes with thousands of hours of seminars and coaching calls. Forrest s complete training program and coaching techniques have helped his clients transform from companies into sales organizations. Driven by the core philosophy that when beliefs are in line, the right behaviors follow, this book is a must-have for any sales manager looking to lead his or her sales team to the next level and develop sales professionals into the best version of themselves. What we believe, how we feel, how we think, and how we see ourselves have more influence over our sales success than what we do. And the coaching we get along the way makes all the difference. This book teaches you to be that difference for your team members with the following 15 strategies: Lead, Don’t Yield – Coach to Win – Set, Communicate, and Maintain the Standard – Get Buy-in – Know Your People – Be Curious – Communicate Assertively – Coach the Science and the Art – Budget Your Coaching Time – Coach the People Side – Celebrate the Art – Hire to Win – Build a Growth Mindset – Change Culture – Grow or Die

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