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Marcus Anthony Ray

Book Description

At age 21, following Canada’s economic downturn, Marcus Ray entered the world of male exotic dancing. He was a stripper.

After years of struggle and disappointment, Marcus made a commitment to come clean with himself and to those close to him about his past, hoping to shed light on the root of his issues with commitment, accountability and inability to be content.

In these pages, Marcus has bared his soul and confessed to the good, the bad, and the ugly of 7 years as a top Canadian male exotic Dancer. Surrounded by all of life’s temptations, these seven years would prove to test his very soul and personal boundaries. He shares the shame, the regret and the loss of self-worth that he endured as a male stripper.

This is a 100% true telling of those years.

Nothing is left unsaid.

If life is a dance, who are you when the music stops?

About the Author

Marcus was once a rock star musician at the age of thirteen. There are to many experiences to list But just to name a few a male model ,a police officer, search and rescue diver, pilot and successful Entrepreneur. Now as an international award winning Speaker he travels North America and Europe Training his audience is in the art of reinvention.

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