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Lisa Levy

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For companies who’ve embraced new opportunities only to lose money through inefficiency, mismanagement and misinformed decision-making, Lisa Levy knows there is a better way. Lcubed Consulting is her invention and Future Proofing Cubed: The Definitive Guide to Improving Productivity, Refining Processes, and Bolstering Profitability is the companion. Providing everything you need to know about why processes work and don’t and when they are most needed, Levy has written in a clear, concise voice about the intricacies of effective project management and how to systematize successfully while interweaving personal stories of climbing the ladder leaning against the wrong building, trusting too much and finally finding her voice and calling. Chock full of case studies from elite executives sharing the moments when the wheels fell off the process wagon, Future Proofing Cubed is the go-to resource when upscaling or downscaling, onboarding monster projects and expanding offerings. Her billion-dollar system of rapid adaptive transformation allows the giants of the planet to thrive and those at the helm to prosper through solid organizational change management.

Levy turns organizations inside out to examine the silos and ivory towers that shunt communication, the stagnant methodologies with the byproduct of preventing future-proofing, and the misalignment of operational efficiency and effectiveness. If you’re a business owner or executive, keep Future Proofing Cubed on tap to help ease the rough waters of industry and ensure your business’ longevity and profitability.

About the Author

Lisa Levy is the Founder and CEO of LCubed Consulting, a business with the mission of helping enterprise to medium level organizations elevate through rapid strategic goal achievement. She and her team teach the practice of adaptive transformation to such notable LCubed clients as American Express, Honor Health, Freedom Financial Network, and the Salt River Project. A nationally recognized authority on organizational change management, Lisa has appeared as a guest expert on multiple media outlets including NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX and is a frequent speaker at business executive conferences.

An avid technology enthusiast and Porsche performance sports car driver, Lisa also sits on the NAU Franke College of Business InformaVon Systems Advisory Council. On her rare days off, she enjoys spending Vme at her home in Phoenix, Arizona with her family and hound dogs, Danny and Ottoman.

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