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Dan Veitkus

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Are you tired of “Smart Talk” that leads nowhere?

Can you tolerate one more expert spouting from a stage or anchor desk spinning real issues so elaborately that your head hurts?

Do you really want to endure another meeting, conversation or planning session that wastes your time and leads to no conclusion?

The truth is this: We are living in the midst of a “Smart Talk” epidemic and this book will point the way to a universal cure. Get ready to spot the traps and shed the “Smart Talk” trash so you can effectively rekindle the Straight Talk sense you were born to practice.

Straight Talk Your Way to Success will remind you how to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment by simplifying your life with a commitment to Straight Talk.

You’ll learn a set of Straight Talk Principles that will give your conversations instant credibility by providing clarity and precision regarding your intentions, your expectations and your desired outcomes.

It’s brief. It’s bright. It’s your guide to accelerate success.

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