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Jeff Brandeis

Book Description

No matter what you sell, this fully-illustrated, easy-to-read handbook breaks through the clutter of other sales “techniques” to help you close more deals than ever before, regardless if you’re a novice or pro. Written in an entertaining and conversational style, Done Deal redefines the sales process essential in today’s ever-changing world. Topics include: Gain Access, Determine Needs, The Presentation, Align with Buyer, Done Deal!

About the Author

Jeff Brandeis is a sales coach and author with over 25 years of experience with an agile sales methodology that focuses on increasing sales through a sustainable repeatable sales process.

His career began in New York, New York where he learned the power of process from the city’s top CPA firms. Combining this with his certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming makes him truly unique in his field. His company Brandeis Training Solutions has coached & trained over 40,000 salespeople.

He is actively working with CPA firms to move them to become a Client Advisory Services firm that increases revenue and gets them closer to their clientele.

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