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Galen Bingham

Book Description

Does your leadership matter?
Will you be remembered?
Do you have IMPACT?

IMPACT: A Leadership Fable is an inspirational tale of how to be a quality leader while maintaining values we often lose sight of along the road to success.

This is not your typical list of ways to be a better leader. Galen uses storytelling to highlight the seductive traps every would-be leader must avoid, as well as principles to stay on the right course.

In this one leadership fable, Galen tells a story, shares tools to help chart a course to leadership success, and compiles real examples from leaders in business, education and nonprofit sectors; all to reveal how you too can be a leader who matters to others – even when you’re no longer present.

Whether you are a new frontline professional or an experienced leader heading a complex organization, it’s possible to have confidence in the difference you are making – and it may be easier than you think.

About the Author

Galen Bingham is The Leadership Strategist. His thought provoking books and keynotes leverage business experiences spanning three decades. He inspires audiences of all sizes to commit evermore to lead in their business, cause or mission.

With a BS degree in business administration from Southern Nazarene University and an MBA degree from Rice University, Galen went on to lead sales and marketing campaigns for Imperial Sugar Company, Kraft General Foods and Coca-Cola. His award-winning leadership has not only benefited the industry leading corporations he’s worked for; his skills are sought after as a guest podcaster, college lecturer and executive coach.

Over 850 business executives, community leaders and CEOs profit from Galen’s expertise in leadership and personal excellence. Galen is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, ToP Facilitator’s Network and the Hundred Life Designers. Galen lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri with his wife and daughter, where he serves on numerous nonprofit boards.

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