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Robin ML Johnson, DSL

Book Description

Leadership loneliness is a phenomenon felt by many leaders both in the boardroom and on the front line, and while many leaders have not managed to avoid loneliness and isolation, it is possible. Through, Leaders Don’t Have To Be Lonely: Eliminating Loneliness and Lead Like A Coach, new managers learn the three most common reasons why they are likely to experience the pain of loneliness and isolation.

The good news is, new managers of people can avoid the experience by relinquishing the command and control style of leadership and become a coaching-leader, by building relationships instead. Leaders Don’t Have to Be Lonely informs the reader of what it takes to lead with the intent to coach. It provides a coaching model which will assist employees in improving performance and reaching goals, while also helping the leader build the necessary relationships to feel purposeful, to build learning organizations, and to eliminate loneliness.

About the Author

Robin Johnson is a Change Leadership Advisor and Leadership Coach with close to twenty years experience in a variety of industries. Approaching organizational change from a systems view, Robin cultivates persuasive change by helping leaders visualize, understand and accomplish their organization’s strategic goals by ensuring their change practices: capabilities, processes, structure and reward systems, align with those strategies.

Robin has mastered the skills necessary to see organizations through any major transformation. Her work ranges from starting-up manufacturing sites, to turning around an operation losing $800K/month. She works with her clients to conduct change impact/readiness assessments, plan and manage large-scale interventions of change, manage leadership development and engagement, and redesign/restructure organizations.

Lastly, Robin has a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership degree, with a concentration in leadership coaching.

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