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Sheila A. Anderson is a master at bringing forward the inner and outer expression and connecting it with the experience of an individual to form a remarkable personal brand that lives and breathes like none other. If you are seeking visibility, I.C.U. will guide you to building an intentional, consistent brand with impact. You will become a constant example of your brand word, goals, values, and strengths. I.C.U. helps you cultivate and own what lives in the minds of others after they have interacted with you. You become an experience connecting with a purpose – intentionally and consistently. You will have them at hello.

Sheila designed The I.C.U. Rule™, a process to work with leaders to lean into personal style and authentic brand. Through an analysis phase, leaders focus in on being intentional before encounters occur. After gaining clarity in the analysis phase, the focus moves into executing personal style and image through disciplined consistency. Once leaders look inward and defined who they are and consistently execute authentic style elements into the spaces of their lives, the last phase of I.C.U. is you. The U step is two-fold. First, it represents authenticity. Second, it is about solidifying the brand experience by prioritizing others (you) and relationships, audiences, and communities. These steps result in career advancement, increasing one’s center of influence, and being recognized as a leader.

About the Author

Sheila A. Anderson is an image and impression management expert driven to empower corporate professionals across the globe in growing their strategic visibility. Her exceptional talent benefits executives and notables at any level in polishing all facets of their personal brand – appearance, attire, behavior, body language, and more – to power brand-aligned personal presence and communication style. Personally drawn to the influence of impression management, Sheila has successfully cultivated her own unique style as a business owner, personal brand strategist, image consultant and sought-after speaker. From professional modeling that includes runway, print, and TV commercial work to a career in brand management, Sheila draws from over two decades of experience when speaking and producing in the world of impression management. Experience the power of ROI – Return on Image®!

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