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As a manager, your life isn’t easy. You want your employees to trust and respect you, and you want to do right by them and your company, but the pressures from above to produce more with less year after year are likely pushing you to the edge.

You could drive your people to win at all costs, of course. Or you could inspire them to want to achieve and, thus, win well.

Winning Well is your lifeline for getting the results you need while keeping employees (and yourself) happy and motivated. Filled with humor, straight talk, and hard-won truths, the book gathers the best leadership ideas and reshapes them into quick, practical action plans.

No matter how difficult the conditions, you’ll find principles and practices to galvanize your team in positive, productive ways . . . even when sales are down . . . or deadlines are missed . . . or lackluster effort seems to be the best anyone ever gives. Dip in to tackle specific problems or start at the beginning and build a positive work environment from the ground up. You’ll master the essential skills and behaviors of great managers, including how to:

• Reinforce behaviors that produce results • Use data to drive (not drown) your team • Sustain your team’s energy and momentum • Correct poor performance without drama • Build trusting relationships • Get more done in less time • Cultivate a problem-solving culture • Turn around dismal engagement levels • Inject humor and play into the workplace • Project confidence and humility • Focus on the game, not just the score • Be a leader people want to work for

When it feels like you can’t please anyone, no matter how hard you try, Winning Well will help you turn the situation around. By setting clear expectations, taking responsibility for mistakes, telling the truth, and other simple acts, you can cultivate your people and the results will follow, including keeping you from burning out or selling out.

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