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Mark LeBusque

Book Description

Being Human challenges the notion that technical competence and a Robotic approach to Human Management still has a place in a more modern Humanistic World. Mark’s 7 Steps to Rewire your Management Style will enable you to reach your Human potential. Real and Raw, Mark uses his own failures as learnings and successes as a Blueprint for what can be achieved. So why not take a Look In The Mirror and see how this all starts with BEING HUMAN.

About the Author

Mark LeBusque is a Harvard Trained consultant in the Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership and has the ability to create an environment where the conversations that really matter can happen. It is what he calls “duality” or an ability to create enough tension whilst allowing participants to feel safe to speak their truth.

Mark speaks about Leadership as a Verb or an Action; not a Title or Position and believes that there are too many Leadership “Actors” and not enough Leadership “Acts”.

He uniquely combines human-led management with his technical expertise, making his approach relevant and flexible for all; from individuals to smaller teams and corporate companies.

Mark has an incredible ability to make pointed and incisive interventions into human interactions where the truth has gone missing. Let’s call it cutting through the bullshit.

His second gift is an unwavering belief that people matter most and that we have forgotten how to be human in a machine-like system.

Mark published his book BEING HUMAN – Why Robots Are Not the Answer to Business Success in 2017 and has received high praise for his no-nonsense, common sense approach to Human Management. BEING HUMAN has sold in 16 countries and provides the 7 Steps to Humanising Your Management Approach.

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