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This is a “How To Do It” book written by practitioners who have sat in the reader’s chair. Our Goal: Deliver the definitive book on innovation by walking through the 10-Step Value Innovation Process from start to finish using a down to earth, pragmatic approach. By defining how to deliver exceptional value to the most important customer in the value chain, all the time, every time, it enables Blue Ocean Strategy. The end result: sustainable, profitable growth. Throughout the book, case studies and examples are provided for companies the reader can relate to (e.g., ADM, Aplicare, Chevron, Dyson, Procter and Gamble, RE/MAX International, Samsung, Southwest Airlines, Terex Mining, Thermo King, Virgin Group, plus many more). Each of the tools is explained and examples provided. Each chapter ends with a “Next Steps” and “Takeaways” sections. Any organization of any size, whether its for profit or not-for-profit, whether it’s a manufacturing or services based company, a federal, state or local government agency, an association or charitable organization, a university, school or school board, can benefit from Mastering Value Innovation. As long as there’s a customer you can use Value Innovation methodology and tools. The target audiences are: CEO’s, COO’s, VPs, directors, managers and project leaders of publicly traded and privately held companies; deans and professors at universities and business schools; students; officials at the local, State and Federal government level; School board members and school districts; Staffs of not-for-profit organizations and Associations

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