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David Parish

Book Description

The environmental policy landscape can be tough to navigate between politicians, advocacy groups and businesses having a different message. Alaskan author David Parish’s new book “The Facts of the Matter” (Greenleaf Book Group Press/September 2018) provides a clear explanation of the environmental, technology, energy and resources issues we face and how readers can move politicians, regulators, environmental groups, media and businesses to truly take the action society needs to prosper.

Parish argues that the best way to conserve the planet and ourselves is the natural convergence of smart natural resource development with improving the lives of the growing population. “The Facts of the Matter” is the basis for a conversation, based on solutions over rhetoric and will cause a rethinking of our biases – to the benefit of the greater good.

About the Author

DAVID PARISH has spent the past three decades as an independent business and nonprofit consultant, lobbyist, entrepreneur, and author.

With Alaska as his home base for a diverse set of local, national, and international clients, David has worked around the globe as a business consultant and advisor, service volunteer, and curious traveler interested in how the traditional divides of “us-versus-them” approaches to natural resource development can be bridged and how the wealth from responsible natural resource development can be a catalyst for better
environmental stewardship and the elimination of poverty.

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