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Dr. Diane Hamilton

Book Description

Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential:  Curiosity is one of the most analyzed, discussed, and written about topics in the study of human behavior. We have learned that it is innate from birth, as illustrated by the phrase, childlike curiosity. We have learned that it is essential to the survival of the entire animal kingdom. We have learned that the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs attribute their success to sustaining their childlike curiosity, while many people’s sense of curiosity tends to wane or deteriorate as they age. For the longest time, we attributed that diminished state of curiosity to the aging process itself. But studies have shown that is not the case. Why do we lose our childlike curiosity? What are the causes; and what are the consequences? Most importantly, how do we get it back? That is the essence of this book. Complete with the latest research, interviews with top leaders and entrepreneurs, and analysis, the author presents her case that, our fears, our assumptions, technology, and our environment, are the major factors that contribute to our diminished curiosity. Those causes, which she has reduced to the acronym, F. A. T. E., are examined, with the means for the reader to measure each, and take the necessary action to regain their childlike curiosity. Learn How to Get it Back – Scientific studies have demonstrated that success in the workplace and living as a healthy human being are heavily dependent on curiosity. But many people tend to lose their curiosity. Cracking the Curiosity Code helps the reader determine what causes their lack of curiosity, and how to get it back.

About the Author

Dr. Diane Hamilton is an award-winning speaker, nationally-syndicated radio host, author, and educator. Through her work as the MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business and several other universities, she has taught more than 1000 business courses.  Dr. Hamilton has written several books that deal with personality and behavioral issues in the workplace. Her books have been required reading at universities. Her most recent book, Cracking the Curiosity Code, is aligned with the Curiosity Code Index (CCI), which she created to determine what holds people back from being curious. Drawing on decades research and incorporating interviews from some of the top leaders of our time, Hamilton examines the factors that impact curiosity including fear, assumptions, technology, and environment (FATE). Through her ground-breaking research, she has created the Curiosity Code Index (CCI) assessment to determine how these factors have impacted curiosity and to provide an action plan to transform individuals and organizations to help improve areas impacted by curiosity, including innovation, engagement, creativity, and productivity.

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