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Complacency is the enemy of every leader. If you have a vision—for yourself, your team and your organization—you owe it to yourself to access the language that replaces complacency with results. Leadership Language is a language of authenticity. Connection. Engagement. A language of words, demonstrated in actions, and delivering an impact that can’t be denied.

Whether you are an actual or aspirational leader, your words and actions will drive your results—either into the stratosphere, or into the ditch.

Beyond the likes, tweets and swipes are the connections that really matter. True influence starts with connection—and the realization that leadership lives inside all of us. There’s never been a greater need for a clear understanding of how you can lead others, and share your own vision, whatever that vision might be. Whether you tweet it or tell it, you deserve a conversation that cuts through the noise.

This book is your personal guide into what leadership means, and where leadership can truly thrive. Inside you will find the antidote for the complacency in your career, your relationships and your company—as you discover the dialogue that brings your ideas to life.

Unlike other leadership books, filled with the same old tips and techniques, Leadership Language puts a fresh focus on the intrinsic and powerful source of innovation, inspiration, and impact. You will learn how to access the authentic confidence that is irresistible to others and use the language that is the source of real influence, and effectiveness. Discover how your authenticity and vulnerability can inspire others to exceed expectations, achieve more and be more.

Because complacency is never your destination.

About the Author

Chris Westfall is a sought-after business consultant, communication coach, and keynote speaker, and the author, co-author, or publisher of eight books. Advising hundreds of thousands of leaders from high-growth entrepreneurial enterprises, Shark Tank startups, and Fortune 100 companies, he has helped create multimillion-dollar revenue streams for businesses on four continents. He is the U.S. National Elevator Pitch Champion and the author of the new book Leadership Language: Using Authentic Communication to DriveResults (Wiley, 2018). To learn more, visit westfallonline.com.

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