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Jon Petz
In Person and Hybrid Meetings, the cornerstones of collaboration, inspiration, and progress have suffered excruciating humiliation at the hands of corporate America. Gone are the days of meetings designed for outcomes, engaging virtual meetings, focus and participation. Instead, meetings drone on like some sort of soul cru ....
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Dave Ferguson
Employees rarely go to work to follow anyone for more than money. They certainly aren’t there to follow the vision of the person in charge. But you can change that! In Boss or Leader, internationally recognized leadership coach and speaker, Dave Ferguson, cleverly defines the difference between a boss and a leader. In his direct, no-nonsense way, he uses his experience as a leader and as a leadership coach to help you first decide ....
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Randy Gage
You can't have lasting, meaningful happiness unless you're willing to continually reinvent yourself. That reinvention must always start with challenging yourself. You essentially kill off the old you and create a new, improved version. Happiness and prosperity are created by seeking out a continuous progression of escalating challenges - then doing the difficult work of trial, growth, and self-development to overcome them. This means an ex ....
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Gregg Greenberg
F*cking Argentina and 10 More Tales of Exasperation is an intelligent and witty series of short stories that feel like the manifesto a phrase like “misery loves company” would write if it were a person. Gregg Greenberg latches on to both the ordinary and the extraordinary as he crisscrosses through the varied discord in all manner of class and culture to highlight the one truth everyone should be able to agree on: we’re bloody well pissed ....
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    C-SUITE TV INSIGHTS is a program that takes you inside the minds of the most respected visionaries, thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the world. Each episode we take you directly to the source – from the boardroom to the golf course to get insights on how to succeed in the business world. Get the inside track on companies making headlines today.  Watch NEW episodes of Insights every Thursday on C-SuiteTV.com, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Vewd. Insights also airs on United Airlines, in 70 U.S. airports, 1 million luxury hotel rooms and doctors’ offices across America.

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[Private] Hero Club Boardroom

[Private] Hero Club Boardroom

This is a Hero Club private event. If you are interested in becoming a member click the button below to sign-up today. I
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Scotch Sunday

Scotch Sunday

Date: Apr 18Time: 9:00 PM EDT
NSA Podcasters Community Group Meeting

NSA Podcasters Community Group Meeting

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