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Deanna Singh
Are you tired of hollow promises about diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization? Do you want to take steps towards real change – beyond issuing mission statements, signing checks, and holding listening sessions – but don’t know where to start? This book is your answer. Designed for teams to read together, Actions Speak Louder offers a comprehensive blueprint for leaders and teams who are re ....
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K P Weaver
Book 2 of The Alchemy of Life Magic Collection Do you know how to know? In The Power of Knowing author K P Weaver will share insights, strategies and personal stories that will help you rediscover your natural ability to KNOW! In a time when a lot of people search outward for answers to inward issues there is no better time to reconnect with the natural born instinct we all have to Know exactly what the next is. Are you ready to make decisions w ....
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Scott Miller
In the ever-evolving world of content creation, social media, videos, TV and radio shows, podcasts, vlogs and blogs, and search engine optimization, new media expert Scott Miller has established himself as an authority on maximizing media usage and exposure. He’s passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage media to grow their ....
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Jeremy Boerger
Most IT directors and ITAM (Information Technology Asset Management) team leads learn on the job. ITAM is specialized enough that one cannot pick-up all the nuances without a lot of mistakes and pratfalls. This book, then, will help accelerate the ITAM program, set baselines for proper measures of success, and ensure both business leadership and the ITAM team are speaking the same language. The stakes couldn't be higher. Worldwide enterprise IT ....
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    C-SUITE TV INSIGHTS is a program that takes you inside the minds of the most respected visionaries, thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the world. Each episode we take you directly to the source – from the boardroom to the golf course to get insights on how to succeed in the business world. Get the inside track on companies making headlines today.  Watch NEW episodes of Insights every Thursday on C-SuiteTV.com, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Vewd. Insights also airs on United Airlines, in 70 U.S. airports, 1 million luxury hotel rooms and doctors’ offices across America.

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[Workshop] Now That You’ve Claimed Your Tax Credit, What’s Next?

[Workshop] Now That You’ve Claimed Your Tax Credit, What’s Next?

  COVID caused a massive ripple effect across industries. While many businesses struggled to keep their doors open,
Date: May 26Time: 1:00 PM EDT
C-Suite Celebrates

C-Suite Celebrates

Date: May 27Time: 5:00 PM EDT
Scotch Sunday

Scotch Sunday

Date: May 29Time: 9:00 PM EDT