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Carol J. Kaemmerer
Many first impressions are made on LinkedIn, so every business professional must convey his or her personal brand effectively on this platform. LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive, Second Edition, is an award-winning book that combines strategy and action items to ensure that the reader understands and implements the steps that will turn a mediocre profile into a powerful digital ambassador. Intended for the busy executive reader, the book is be ....
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Captain Emil Dobrovolschi & Octavian Pantiș
"This is your captain speaking." Become a better pilot for your projects, for your people, and even in life outside work by using valuable principles from aviation. You might be flying through turbulent times today - uncertainty, a lot of change, higher expectations from you - but all these can be handled well and Dark Cockpit will show you how. “Dark Cockpit” is an aviation concept. It is the term we use fo ....
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Jon Petz
Life is about moments . . . The Simple Moments that can be the most significant. A chance meeting. An exceptional experience. An inspiring story that will help you recognize, appreciate and deliver simple moments in life, at work and in the world. YOU will never be JUST anything . . . ever again. ....
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Ron Karr
Everyone knows what qualities define a good leader, but how many of us know what steps to take to become that great leader? The secret formula is what sales and leadership expert Ron Karr calls the Velocity Mindset®: a perfect balance of speed and direction, both of which must remain in alignment for personal and professional success. Compelling and full of cross-industry wisdom, The Velocity Mindset® offers innovative and practical strate ....
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  • C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett

    Journey to the top of corporate America and head inside the boardroom with Jeffrey Hayzlett, as he probes the make or break decision of top C-Suiters.

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C-Suite Network Digital Discussion — Everybody Wants to Rule the World

C-Suite Network Digital Discussion — Everybody Wants to Rule the World

For some time, Silicon-Valley-based tech companies were the ‘shining city on the hill’ for many to emulate. With the
Date: Aug 04Time: 2:00 PM EDT