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David J Dunworth

1749 S Highland Avenue Unit C2  Clearwater Florida 33756

davidjdunworth@gmail.com    312.590.2142    david@synervisionleadership.org



David is the Founder and Chief Experiences Officer of Marketing Mastery VIP Club (formerly Marketing Partners), a Direct Response Marketing Advisory Services firm with 33 years experiencee in serving entrepreneurs, dental and medical professionals, nonprofit organizations, and NGOs.


In February 2020, at the onset of COVID-19D 19 pandemic, he was bedridden for ten weeks. As a result, Dunworth gave up his lucrative marketing agency and dedicated his life as a pro bono servant leader for NGOs, Foundations, nonprofits and ministries. His leadership and dedication to serving others above himself are reflected in his service to nonprofits like TAG4Change Uganda, SynerVision Leadership Foundation’s Board Chair, Board member of Peaces of Me Foundation, Equp Our Kida, Kings Counsel & Trust Family Office Ministry, and others.





Having lived and worked in more than seven countries, achieving international acclaim and prestige did not take much more than daily devotion to his expertise. An internationally known Best-Selling Author of 6 books, having shared the international stage with industry experts Berny Dohrmann, Dan Kennedy, Bert Oliva, Gerry Foster, Les Brown, and many others.




Dunworth’s most impressive post-military position was as COO/General Manager of a mamouth private club owned by Ford Motor Company. Under supervision by the Chairman of the Board of Ford Land (the real estate arm of FMC), Dunworth managed to completely reverse the 15-year annual loss in excess of $1.5 Million to a net profit of $1.2 Million in less than four years, accomplishing this through comprehensive marketing and advertising of its public banquet and conference facility, and growing the membership from 3100 families to 3700 families within that time frame. Dunworth served two masters, so to speak. Fairlane Club and Manor was the largest property managed by ClubCorp. They held 250 clubs worldwide. By meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Ford Land, Wayne Doran, monthly, Dunworth produced the highest revenues in the company, solidified the failing relationship between ClubCorp and Ford, and was generously compensated for his bulldog tenacity and unfailing “never give up” philosophy.





David’s formal education is a gathering of mixed blessings. He attended Wilson College, Madonna University, and King’s College London and has taken a myriad of online courses and certification training. He is a Certified Magnetic Marketing Advisor, Certified Club Manager, Licensed Mortgage Broker, Accredited Associate of the Institute of International Business, and Life Member of the Oxford Club.  His 10,000 hours plus in Life’s University is perhaps his greatest source of experience and wisdom that no brick and mortar could ever provide.

The bulk of his REAL education came through the trenches, advising and coaching in more than 40 industries and business sectors as either a consultant, marketing advisor, HR professional, or strategic planning mentor.


David Dunworth enjoys scuba diving, studying fine wines, is an amateur Chef, and is a voracious reader. The grandfather of 4 delightful little people and father of two extremely bright children that live in Ohio and Virginia.

When not reading, cooking, or rescuing a glass of fine Cabernet Sauvignon from evaporation, David is writing topics ranging from Christian Studies and Bible Understanding to Business Leadership and Marketing.

Dunworth is a proud member of the C-Suite Network Thought Council. If known by the company one keeps, David J Dunworth’s connections, friends, and influence place him at the pinnacle of subject matter experts in several fields.