C-Suite Network™

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Statement

Recent actions, developments and events point to the need for not only dialogue, but decisive action. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Executive leaders must heed the current call to action as permanent and do everything they can to support it.
In 2018, when we released the book, The Hero Factor, we clearly took a stand, made a call to action and asked companies to promote diversity and inclusion within their walls. The more diverse and inclusive a company is, the better for all.
The C-Suite Network community believes ‘hero’ business leaders and companies uphold and live their values in their businesses and in everything they do. Diversity and Inclusion are a definitive part of those values. And let us be clear, now is the time for companies to take action. We must be proactive. Not to placate or pacify or educate but to move forward programs of meaningful change that drive equal opportunity and representation.
The C-Suite Network Community encourages our executive leaders in their companies to take action with the following:
We acknowledge SOME people and companies are trying to do the right thing, but we must go from SOME to ALL.
The C-Suite Network has and continues to facilitate open discussions regarding diversity, inclusion and belonging, but these discussions are just a start to moving us forward together.
We stand behind every community to ensure that these goals are implemented in the mainstream and put into action. It’s time to take a stand for what is right. As hero executive leaders, our pledge and our promise are to help one another and others in our communities to engage, educate, evangelize and emerge – stronger, faster and better than before.