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What Is C-Suite Network?

We are a network of executives that supports executives to greater heights. We’ve all heard the principles for success. And now we are giving you an opportunity to take what you have heard and put it into action.

Success In Every Stage of Your Career

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Learn New Strategies

As executives we know it’s much easier to develop the right habits and be consistent when you have the right people around you.Make this your best year yet and set yourself up for uncompromising success in 2024.

Scale Your Business

Overcome the obstacles of growth through community feedback and support. Get real solutions from executives who have been in your shoes before. Speed up the growth process with professional solutions.

Expand Your Influence

Reach your goals with scaleable and long term sustainable performance. Identify and implement real strategies for personal growth.Make an impact beyond the bottomline of your monthly P&L.

Executives From Every Walk of Life

Who Is C-Suite

The C-Suite Network was founded by Fortune 100 Executive Jeffrey Hayzlett in 2013, now Chairman, C-Suite Network. Since then it has grown to a full Executive Network and Ecosystem delivering on the brand promise of accelerated success for values-based leaders. The CEO of C-Suite Network is Tricia Benn, her leadership is committed to delivering on this vision.


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Great people come from great people


No ask comes without a give and don’t forget to ask


This is what we give because of who we are as leaders