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College Financial Aid and Career Navigation

“Welcome to the College Financial Aid and Career Navigation Podcast! Tom and Maria Geffers of Career and College Counselors along with Nationally recognized college financial aid expert Seth Greene teach two things: How to cut the cost of college tuition an average of $19,077 per child, per year AND how to land your dream job after you graduate by choosing the right career and major. To get access to more information on how you can make the right choice, simply register at https://www.careercollegecounselors.com/contact. To find out how to save an average of $19,077 per year per child on college tuition – go to www.howtofindmoneyforcollege.com. On the podcast Tom, Maria and Seth bring together leading experts in their fields who have experience in the college admission and career application process. They share their secrets so you can do it too. And now, here’s your host, Tom, Maria and Seth!

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