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Cindy is on a global mission to reframe success and leadership, moving away from stale-dated competitive models to a new leadership paradigm of collaborative growth and empowered high performance. Her patented Art of Feminine Negotiation and HERsuasion programs are taking the business world by storm.

Cindy is a highly sought-after TEDx and international speaker, negotiation expert, consultant and coach, known for her passion, commitment, deep caring, and ability to inspire. Drawing on 30 years as a high profile social justice attorney, as a coach, she empowers women to unleash their feminine power and become the best version of themselves. Cindy inspires her clients to dig deep to rediscover their true purpose and take charge of their lives.

Her book, The Art of Feminine Negotiation: How to Get What You Want from the Boardroom to the Bedroom is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best seller. It’s changing the way people define success in business and in life, recognizing feminine strengths as powerful secret weapons rather than liabilities. Cindy wowed at TEDx Ocala when she gave her talk: Rise of the Feminine Voice as the Key to Our Future, opening the dialogue about the high cost of unconscious gender bias.

Whether you’re looking to up-level your personal performance and outcomes or seeking to turbo-boost your team, Cindy delivers.