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“You get what you expect in life. It’s true scientifically and theologically. Bill Humbert now shares irresistibly compelling insights on how to use it to achieve every good thing you want.”

– Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul


Is ageism a thing? It may be a thing, but it does not have to stand in your way on your journey to find your next career.

Companies are trying to keep a secret about their hiring process… The career search game has changed. Your resume won’t get in front of human eyes until it has been scanned and vetted by a program using artificial intelligence. And some of the so-called keywords are so dumb, one can question how intelligent this AI really is.

What’s more is that most job descriptions rarely reflect the true job. You might try to mirror the description verbiage as closely as possible in your resumes, but if the description does not accurately describe the job, neither will the resume.

How can job seekers overcome these obstacles? Finally, an expert recruiter reveals the science behind finding a new career in today’s market with a step-by-step guide.


About the Author

Author Bill Humbert is RecruiterGuy.com. His recruiting experience reaches back before computers were on desks in 1981. Humbert speaks nationwide to companies, associations, and colleges and universities on talent attraction and career search. He knows the pitfalls and successes of job search from the employer’s perspective better than most authors. This is his third book on how to more effectively find the career you want.

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