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Kathy Taberner & Kirsten Taberner Siggins

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As leaders or parents (or both), navigating difficult conversations is part of our job description. How do we keep calm and achieve a productive outcome, all while keeping our relationships intact? The secret is curiosity. It’s the innovation-driving, emotion-calming skill that comes naturally to us as kids, but gets buried by our busy multitasking lifestyles. Good news! We just have to relearn what we already know! In the Power Of Curiosity, mother-daughter executive coaching team Kath Taberner & Kirsten Taberner Siggins give you both the skills and the method you need to stay curious and connected in every conversation. Learn how to be fully present in every conversations, even when distraction abound; the five listening choices you always have available, whether at home, work, or school; specific calming strategies to access when negative emotions run high; a step-by-step process to transform potential conflict into relationship-building opportunities. Imagine approaching even your most challenging conversations with a sense of calm and even excitement, confident you’ll achieve a win-win result and a stronger relationship than before. That is the power of curiosity.

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