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As the founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, Keith Ferrazzi has spent over twenty years working with major global organizations to help them achieve their goals and reach new levels of success. He has been called upon by these companies to see them through our modern era of rapid technological advancement and explosive change, but as Ferrazzi explains in LEADING WITHOUT AUTHORITY: How the New Power of Co-Elevation Can Break Down Silos, Transform Teams, and Reinvent Collaboration (Currency; May 26, 2020), the main challenge facing organizations today comes down to the fundamental way in which we work, both as individuals and together with our colleagues. In a world that now more than ever requires agility, innovation, and efficiency, we’re becoming more and more bogged down in organizational silos that paralyze and wreak havoc on our work and relationships. Ferrazzi argues we are long overdue for change and the key is a methodology Ferrazzi developed and coined: co-elevation.

Following in the tradition of his #1 New York Times bestsellers, Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone, LEADING WITHOUT AUTHORITY offers Ferrazzi’s expert guide to achieving co-elevation. He shows that authority needs no official title or position, just an individual taking the initiative to seize opportunity. Once we have adopted the leadership mantle for ourselves, we can begin the process of co-elevation, “a mission-driven approach to collaborative problem-solving through fluid partnerships and self-organizing teams.” Through his prescriptive approach, Ferrazzi offers real-world solutions for creating true teammates in our colleagues and building the kinds of quality relationships that will help us achieve our goals and lead to greater success. And as we adapt to our new work world, co-elevation is the operating system for successful remote teams we all desperately need. When employees of all levels are committed to “going higher together,” we unlock the potential for more productivity, deeper engagement, and mutual accountability that can withstand the greatest external pressures. 

Once mastered, the lessons of LEADING WITHOUT AUTHORITY and co-elevation go well beyond the scope of business and the workplace. The more we can overcome divisiveness and build mutually beneficial relationships in all areas of our lives, the more we are able to cultivate a spirit of generosity and commitment. LEADING WITHOUT AUTHORITY offers new rules for a new work world, but it also offers a new model for simply living in our modern world.

About the Author

Keith Ferrazzi is the founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a management consulting and team coaching company that works with many of the world’s biggest corporations. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Ferrazzi rose to become the youngest CMO of a Fortune 500 company during his career at Deloitte, and later became CMO of Starwood Hotels. He is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fortune and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone. His mission is to transform teams to transform the world.

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