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Randall Kenneth Jones

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It’s a Story for the Ages…

Boy does well.

Boy teeters on midlife crisis.

Boy moves to Florida, becomes a newspaper columnist and enlists the help of Pat Benatar, Brian Boitano, Erin Brockovich, James Carville, Barbara Corcoran, Janet Evanovich, Jack Hanna, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Heloise, Sonny Jurgensen, Shirley Jones, Kathy Griffin, Hoda Kotb, Mary Matalin, Tyler Mathisen, General Barry McCaffrey, Colin Mochrie, Suze Orman, Peggy Post, Willard Scott, Vanessa Williams and over 100 more to show him how to get his mojo back.

Show Me is a result of over 50 years of research: 50-plus years of living a life, 10 years of journaling about that life, and four years as a columnist writing about people who, at one time, Jones assumed lived a better life than he did.

In his battle against time, short attention spans and emotionally bereft modern technology, Jones wages an editorial war against pessimism by waving his journalistic flag in the promotion of creative thinking, positive communication, innovation, authenticity, respect and LAUGHTER.

Now, with the help of his treasured gallery of informants—starting with the influencers from his days as a showy-yet-sensitive, bunny-fearing Mid- Missouri youngster to his exploration of modern-day success—family man, entrepreneur and humorist Randall Kenneth Jones hopes to SHOW YOU what all of these extraordinary people so graciously SHOWED HIM.

Show Me showcases how to learn from your past, embrace your present, grow personally and professionally, laugh at yourself and banish mediocrity—by listening, learning and respecting the never-ending balance between ambition and tradition.

“Randall Kenneth Jones explores and celebrates life in a way that makes Forrest Gump look like a recluse. In SHOW ME, this talented journalist shares his journey and quest for positive life lessons from a remarkable cast of fellow travelers.”

CBS News Correspondent, retired

(Buy the Book Coming Soon) Releases 11/15/16

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