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Where do most customer experiences fail?

It’s not systems. It’s not processes. It’s human beings. For most organizations, it’s frontline teams that make or break the customer’s experience; yet, too often, these teams are not given the tools they need to succeed with customers.

Customer service can be incredibly difficult, and for the people on the front lines, much of the standard customer service advice and training falls flat. It simply doesn’t speak to the challenges they experience each day, being caught between policies and customer needs, balancing customer happiness with customer abuse, and shaking off difficult customers in time to focus on the next one.

Be Your Customer’s Hero gives frontline teams the coping strategies and practical skills they need to succeed with customers and to deliver the customer experiences envisioned by the C-Suite. HERO teaches frontline teams over 80 concepts and techniques, including how to direct their focus where it gets results, understand why customers behave the way they do, and resolve virtually any customer service issue with a proven process.

HERO is being used to improve frontline customer service teams in corporations both large and small and in organizations across government and academia.

Get the one-stop resource that can help your frontline team members gain the confidence and skills they need to be successful in any customer-facing role.

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