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Terre Short

Book Description

Speak your truth. Maximize the power of your voice and deepen your connection with loved ones, colleagues, customers, and those who are unlike you. The stories, reflections, and activities in this book empower you to choose words true to your values and your intentions. The Words We Choose: Your Guide to How and Why Words Matter transforms what you think in your head to align with how you feel in your heart, for the greater good of all. Your voice is a choice.

About the Author

Terre Short is a human potential developer who has more than 30 years of leadership experience, a Master’s in Business Administration/Healthcare Management, and her Professional Coach Certification (PCC). Terre excels at distilling leadership skills into actionable steps, including precisely choosing the right words to influence and inspire others. She coaches leaders of Fortune 500 Companies how to look inward and embrace inner wisdom to excel outwardly and overcome challenges. She leans on the content in her book: The Words We Choose: Your Guide to How and Why Words Matter in helping others become their best selves. Through stories and examples, she humorously leads listeners to owning their “Personal Podcast” or inner narrative. She speaks on a wide array of topics that all lead to bringing out brilliance – of oneself and those around them. She has been interviewed for various mediums including Fast Company and NPR and her book was a 2020 American BookFest Finalist and won the Bugbee Falk Book Award.

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