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Bob Collins

Book Description

Peter Drucker once said “Business Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”. Collins asserts that a high-performance workforce, highly charged, thirsty for change and success, can be more powerful than carefully thought out business strategies that can be easily uprooted by the speed of new digital technologies. Vision Powered Management [VPM] provides real-world “how to” actions based on Collins years of experience delivering solid business results. He discusses the why and how of inspiring your organization with a clear and meaningful vision. Action steps necessary to implement to create a high-speed business environment when taking on a new leadership assignment are spelled out. Collins identifies 7 pragmatic steps for implementing a top-down culture shift. A leadership self-assessment tool allows the reader to evaluate their own skills and where to focus on areas needing improvement. Finally, EQ’s [Emotional Quotient] role in your continuing leadership development is introduced.

About the Author

Bob Collins, Manhattan College grad, and winner of its Centennial Award for “Most Outstanding Engineering Graduate”, built his management skills in GE under Jack Welch’s mentorship, where his last assignment was VP and CEO of GE’s factory automation business. He was active in promoting the modernization of factories and high involvement work forces as the means for achieving operational efficiencies and high productivity. He published over 60 articles on those subjects and went on to a consulting career post GE assisting business to improve results. He spends his time in Marco Island FL, Charlottesville VA and Camden ME.

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