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To achieve superior results as a leader, you must first understand why people follow.

With this premise in mind, author Scott Love explores why some employees and colleagues are motivated to comply with a directive—and why some are not—as well as how to increase their commitment to getting the job done.

Filled with engaging stories and salient advice, Why They Follow will help you increase your effectiveness in building a high-performing team with increased morale, retention, and achievement.

Chapters such as “Your Power to Influence,” “Three Steps to Servant Leadership,” and “Show How Their Work Matters” provide powerful examples of leaders overcoming real-world problems and challenges. This exceptional resource will teach you to understand the potency of your impact as a leader—and motivate and inspire you to lead in a way that corresponds to the intrinsic motivations of your personnel.

For fans of John Maxwell and Robin Sharma, this extraordinary book will guide you as you strengthen your management skills and create a willing and motivated staff.

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