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Makarand Utpat

Book Description

The world has quickly moved into the digital sphere. Disrupt or Die is the new mantra. Digital realm is engulfing the mankind in every aspect of our lives. As per John Chambers, former Executive Chairman of Cisco systems, “At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.”

Digital marketing is one such technology that you need to get comfortable with in order to accelerate your success and transform your business into 2x or 5x growth machine.

Digital marketing and social media have become an equal opportunity play. Race, gender, demographics, the so-called social stature of holding the big titles and roles, color of your skin, geography are no barriers any more.

In order to ensure your business success, it is vital that you adapt yourself and your business to the new rules. Traditional methods of marketing have taken the passenger seat and digital marketing is now in the driver’s seat. Brands and businesses are trying to improve the ways in which they can reach out their customers through digital marketing across wide range of platforms and variety of channels.

Are you going to be the one that will “survive and thrive”?

Makarand has a ton of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurship world. Packed with actionable strategies, “How to Kickstart Your Digital Marketing” is a 200+ page filled with tons of information.  This book describes 5-step marketing accelerator plan and teaches you how to promote yourself, create an unstoppable brand, dominate social media, build authority, publish compelling content, get your message heard and generate trust, attract leads and customers, charge more and increase sales without being salesy, even if you’re new social media or are just getting started.

About the Author

Makarand grew up in India right next to the 3rd largest slum in the world. He hails from a middle-class family and shared 320 Sq Ft tiny apartment with his parents, siblings and grandma. Poverty was not a novelty to him and he knows what it takes to transcend beyond the adversities and achieve the breakthroughs.

Makarand came to US with a leap of faith to get a higher education. After starting his career as a software programmer, he worked with the likes of companies such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson and steadily climbed the corporate ladder.

After accidentally discovering that he had zero Google footprint, Makarand went back to the drawing board and completely reinvented and rebranded himself. In the event, he authored or co-authored 3 best-selling books covering the topics such as leadership, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Makarand has shared a book space with Who’s Who of the Corporate America namely: Facebook CIO Tim Campos and Pizza Hut Chief Digital Officer Brian Concors and many other veteran CEOs. Makarand was also interviewed by a legendary personal success expert and world-renowned thought leader Brian Tracy.

A featured guest on prominent radio shows, Makarand’s expertise has been featured on the major media outlets such as C-Suite TV, Fox, NBC and TV Asia. Makarand was also selected as Top-100 influencer and gamechanger by the Influence Magazine.

Makarand owns a digital agency in NJ and works with small business owners to help them stand out in the noisy marketplace using social media, branding and digital marketing.

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