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Carol J. Kaemmerer

Book Description

Many first impressions are made on LinkedIn, so every business professional must convey his or her personal brand effectively on this platform. LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive, Second Edition, is an award-winning book that combines strategy and action items to ensure that the reader understands and implements the steps that will turn a mediocre profile into a powerful digital ambassador.

Intended for the busy executive reader, the book is beautifully designed and clearly written for easy readability. The behavioral checklist at the end can be used to help you select the chapters you want to read first, and to verify your completion of the recommended steps to improve your use of LinkedIn. The book outlines the importance of LinkedIn as an essential business tool, shows you how to control the way you present yourself, and how to use LinkedIn as an efficient relationship-building tool. It also shows how to use LinkedIn as a vehicle for expressing your thought leadership and building your own authentic brand as a leader, while contributing to your company’s brand equity. This book will guide you, the savvy executive, to increase your visibility and influence, attract high-performing talent and power your career.

About the Author

Carol Kaemmerer is an internationally recognized personal branding expert, professional speaker and author of the award-winning book LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive, now available in its Second Edition. Prior to her focus on LinkedIn and personal branding, she was a marketing communications consultant for 20 years with a Fortune 500 medical device company.

Since 2011, Carol has focused her communications expertise on helping C-suite executives and senior leaders use LinkedIn powerfully, creating positioning and messaging that reflects their business passion with authenticity. Pairing her flair for communicating with her deep knowledge of the ever-changing LinkedIn platform, she optimizes her clients’ ability to be found on this essential social medium to increase their visibility and influence, attract high-performing talent and steer their career.

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