Release the Power of Entangled Marketing

Sebastian Jespersen & Stan Rapp

A new business model for the digital age is the subject of an innovative book titled “Release the Power of Entangled Marketing” by Stan Rapp, co-founder of the RAPP agency and Sebastian Jespersen, CEO of the Global Vertic Agency. Any company of any size does its utmost to create engaging online content. Something more is needed. We must go beyond mere engagement. The problem is that engagement in the here and now – the next click, “like,” retweet or uploaded video – is easily followed by disengagement in a click-obsessed society. Much more is needed to keep the connection between brand and consumer alive, the kind of enduring, mutually beneficial relationship that delivers robust ROI year-in, year out.

Stan and Sebastian share how they came to realize that pairs of particles in the quantum world, famous for never letting go of one another, are a metaphor for the intertwined brand and customer relationship made possible by unrelenting advances in digital
technology. It’s a closeness 95% of companies fail to achieve. This new route to business supremacy is likely to prove as important in today’s business world as the revelations of quantum theory were to physicists in the past century.

About Stan Rapp

Stan Rapp is a business builder who has twice served as Chairman/CEO of global advertising agencies at the forefront of the advertising industry. As co-founder of Rapp Collins (rebranded as RAPP) he launched an agency that became one of the top 10 world wide. As the CEO of MRM – McCann Relationship Marketing – the agency grew from 30 to 200 million in revenue.

He was recognized by Advertising Age as one of the 101 individuals who shaped advertising in the 20th Century, and was elected to the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame. Direct Marketing magazine named him one of its select group of “industry legends.” Rapp is co-author of the bestselling book, MaxiMarketing, which first predicted the change from mass marketing to individualized marketing, and five other books tracing the rapidly changing marketing scene. Most recently, he served as Chairman of Engauge, a pacesetting social/digital agency founded in 2007 and acquired by Publicis in 2013.

About Sebastian Jespersen

Sebastian Jespersen is an innovator, a business strategist, and a breakthrough digital thinker.

He founded independent digital agency Vertic over a decade ago; today it has a footprint on three continents and serves some of the world’s best-known global marketers and brands. Both a digital guru and evangelist, he has successfully
taken a start-up from the birth of the online marketing era through to the advertising world’s new internet playground. All while shepherding Vertic to extraordinary year-on-year growth and profitability. Clients include Microsoft, SAP, GE, Novo Nordisk, Paypal
and GSK.

Sebastian’s pre-Vertic years as a management consultant in Europe and Asia underscore a multinational, analytical problem-solving vantage point, in contrast to common creative or technical leadership found at most ad agencies
today. His interpretation of social business, data, targeting and the bridging of marketing to sales – as well as his revolutionary application of this understanding to new platforms like LinkedIn – makes him a leader in today’s fast paced, complex marketing

His book on Entangled Marketing got published in the spring of 2016, and is co-authored with the ‘Godfather of Direct Marketing’, Stan Rapp, Co-Founder and CEO of Rapp & Collins and a young copywriter during the original Mad Men

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