The NEW Game of Selling

Mitch Axelrod

Sales master Mitch Axelrod has boiled down 75,000 hours of selling and business experience into one succinct playbook that shows you to win the sales game in any industry and in any economy.

The NEW Game of Selling™ is about serving people and solving problems, rather than focusing on your products and company profits. The NEW Game of Selling playbook changes the playing field, and contains five key plays to win the NEW Game:

  • Attract people who are searching for what you sell and are ready to buy it now, without ever having to make a cold call again
  • Qualify a person as ready or getting ready in 5 to 10 minutes and know who best to spend your time with
  • Convert browsers into buyers and transform expensive marketing into profitable sales and income
  • Keep existing customers coming back and buying more with a service model that also reactivates past buyers
  • Multiply your ROI with three strategies that increase customer value and boost your bottom-line profits

The NEW Game of Selling represents sales strategies that have proven profitable for 35 years, created billions of dollars of new revenue for thousands of companies, and elevated the game of hundreds of thousands of professionals.

This book is short – you can read it in about an hour. This book is deep – you can use it for the rest of your life. The NEW Game of Selling just may be the last sales book you’ll ever need.


About Mitch

Mitch Axelrod is the creator of The NEW Game™ series, author of The NEW Game of Business, The NEW Game of IP (Intellectual Property) and the #1 bestseller, The NEW Game of Selling.

Mitch has presented 3,500 seminars, workshops, webinars, teleconferences and clinics and has trained more than one million people on business, sales, marketing, life skills, and playing and winning The NEW Game of Business™. His advice, counsel, training and development programs have generated $3 billion of revenue for thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of professionals. He pioneered “renting” content and is a specialist at monetizing Intellectual Property.

Mitch presented his newest work, “Values: The Soul-Role-Goal of Leadership” at the Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health and is currently delivering values and life skills training to the Cathy and John Pelusi Family Life Skills Program at the University of Pittsburgh.

Mitch’s proudest accomplishment is raising his son as a single, stay at home, Dad for 10 years.

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