The Power of 2, Exponential Sales Leadership

Jamie Crosbie

At Last, a book for sales managers built on real world sales experience. This book offers a fresh, up to date perspective on sales organization fundamentals.

Whether you are a sales manager or an up-and-coming sales rep, this book offers practical advice on sales organization, relational selling and authentic leadership that works.

This book can help you learn how to:

  • Creating client and sales organization win-wins
  • Properly structure to create an exceptional sales team
  • Increase your closing rate while boosting client satisfaction
  • Improve sales and build long-term success
  • Keep your sales reps motivated and happy

About Jamie Crosbie

Author of “The Power of 2, Exponential Sales Leadership”, Speaker specializing in Peak Performance Mindset within Sales Organizations, Expert in Sales and Sales Leadership Talent Acquisition, Sales and Leadership Training, Consultant as Fractional VP of Sales.


Jamie has 20 years of experience in sales leadership and the talent acquisition industry. She founded ProActivate over 12 years ago. She started her career in traditional recruiting firms primarily in sales leadership positions. The following five years were spent within online recruitment where she served as Vice President of Sales at Career Builder.


At Career Builder, Jamie successfully led a team of 80+ people and continued to exceed her revenue goals on a quarterly and annual basis. Her sales business experienced 50-85% revenue growths annually. She also previously served as Vice President of Training and Development at Career Builder which illustrates her passion to lead and develop individuals to their full potential.


Jamie received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Journalism with a minor in Business from the University of Kansas. She has also pursued post graduate work with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Management from the University of Dallas.


Jamie is a certified speaker in The High Performance Mindset ® system, a revolutionary model that is elevating the performance of professionals ranging from athletes to executives to sales leaders. During these trainings she shares both the science and working tools that you can use immediately to enhance performance both for yourself and your team members. It’s proven that human performance is limited not primarily by skills and knowledge, but by the nature of our thinking, our mental preparation for success and the environment within which we choose to operate.