The Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth

Frans de Groot

This book is about the World’s First Business Management Model that Guarantees achievement of goals: The BITSING methodology.

This scientifically proven methodology demonstrates its success in the daily practice of numerous organizations. This book will explain what Bitsing is, the results it will generate and how it works. And some important questions will be answered: What is the real basis for the successful achievement of goals? How can I be sure that I will always achieve my goals? How do I predict results? As ambitious as it seems – the answers to these questions are all between the covers of this book, explained with the help of many examples, explanatory charts and images.

Everybody is on the lookout for the one methodology that single-handedly helps to achieve their goals, and definitively address issues such as “what needs to done”, “which activities to avoid” and “how can I be sure that my goals always will be reached?”

With this book, you’ll come to understand that – just seven, simple factors underpin the successful achievement of goals. The seven Bitsing principles or, as per the title of this book, ‘The seven laws of guaranteed growth’.

Each law is the subject of a chapter in the book. And each chapter, with its down-to-earth examples, proves that nothing more is needed than common sense to achieve goals. It is possible to score in difficult circumstances; even grow by a factor of three – with minimal effort. It is possible to achieve goals that you previously only dreamed of. After reading the book any disbelief will be transformed into conviction.

The 7 laws in this book guide you through the process of improving your business and personal strategy. With chapters like How to be Unbeatable, Realize Effective Campaigns, and Ensure That You Reach Your Goals, the author explains how this methodology works and how to implement it in your own business and situation. By using examples, illustrations, and insights, this book provides multiple entry points for readers who want to execute the BITSING strategy accordingly.

To the author – the founder of Bitsing – the book is his way of personally introducing you to the Bitsing method. His aim is to inspire and to make you a participant in one of the most spectacular management methods of this time.

The method has indeed helped many hundreds of organizations to achieve breath-taking growth in turnover and profit. In fact, it has achieved a wide range of objectives. The methodology increases efficiency without sacrificing jobs and has even helped to stimulate employment, including recruiting top talent. BITSING has also boosted employee performance, changed stakeholder behavior, and optimized work-life balance. While they spread the word, they are joined by more businesses, institutions, other organizations, and individuals every day.

The ‘Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth’ is intended for everyone involved in achieving the objectives of a company, institution or other organization and its own personal goals. In multinationals and one-man businesses, global brands, and start-ups. It provides valuable revolutionary insights for CEOs, as well as financial, commercial, marketing and sales and communication directors, managers, consultants, business owners, entrepreneur, startups, and students. This book is for anyone who wants to achieve goals with a guarantee.

As a result of working closely with several universities, the methodology is scientifically validated, in addition to its proven performance. Shell International, Hewlett Packard, and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen are amongst those that have benefited from this method, by using it to meet targets time and time again. Some have experienced exponential growth and reached the magic level of 300%.

The book is a complete welcome to the World of Bitsing. It prescribes exactly what you have to do, while keeping you from making the mistakes made by others. It provides the answers to all the issues that can confront an organization and yourself. It covers all the factors that determine success. This book offers advice, tools, and direction in what is required in your organization to achieve goals.

After reading this book you’ll regard most popular and established business methods and models as no longer relevant. Bitsing will influence every aspect of your entire organization. All of its ‘Bits & Pieces’.  Regardless of how large or small it is.

The book will inspire and coach you. You certainly won’t be reading things you already know. With this book, you will enter previously unknown territory. Inspiring insights will keep you reading – while logical, easy-to-understand models and charts will make you want to apply these insights immediately. And be able to.

It is written in clear, easily understandable language. Without pretention or lengthy, theoretical discourses.


‘The Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth’ is making the complexity of goal achievement – childishly easy.

About Frans de Groot

FRANS DE GROOT is A #1 best-selling author and the pioneer of Bitsing,  a business goal-achievement method that achieves breath-taking results. More than twenty years of scientific and practical research preceded his discovery of the method. Frans lectures on Bitsing in the European Master’s program, at several universities and at various tertiary colleges.

With his business, The Bitsing Company, Frans helps thousands of people and organizations to simply and efficiently achieve their goals, every day.

For over 25 years Frans’ drive has been making the complexity of goal achievement – childishly easy. As a result of his search – working closely with several universities and numerous of companies – he has been honored to discover Bitsing. The World’s first scientifically validated management method that guarantees success. Which success is demonstrated in every days practice (

With his company, The Bitsing Company, he helps people and organizations across the globe to apply Bitsing in their lives to seamlessly and impressively effective achieve their goals – no matter how successful they already are – in the areas that matter most: revenue and positive financial return for organizations, employment growth, motivation, personal income, careers, work-life balance.

As his way of introducing everyone to the Bitsing method he wrote the book Bitsing. Guarantees for Growth – which became a #1 bestseller, and recently BIS Publishers published his new book The Seven Laws of Guaranteed Growth, which has now been sold in more than 172 countries.

Frans is proud to help all those to reach their goals in their lives and their businesses through his books, his live events, masterclasses, personal coaching and lectures. He lectures on Bitsing in the European Master’s programme, at several universities. The uniqueness and strength of Bitsing has been recently awarded the highest level of accreditation (MBA/Master Program) by the EU Dept. of Education.

Frans is fortunate to work with everyone. In multinationals to start-ups. He finds it exceptional to be able to provide valuable insights for CEOs, as well as financial, commercial, marketing, sales, communication directors and managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and students, with his method that proves that we need nothing more than common sense to achieve our goals.

“Bitsing remains impressive in its simplicity and accuracy.”

Wrote one of the general managers and strategy & performance leaders
of Shell International.

Frans owned several companies himself in diverse industries. A treasure trove filled with unbeatable knowledge and experience. He has seen it all, lost & won. He won almost all global awards in the business, marketing and advertising industry. But still his most precious ‘award’ is that Bitsing have become a brand that is leader in its category: reaching goals!

His specialties?

Reaching goals with a predicted positive (financial) return with individuals, entrepreneurism and business strategies, psychology and communications, performance, leadership, effectiveness, change without changing and growth without damage.