General George S. Patton on Accelerating Performance in Today's Business World

Chuck Gumbert

General George S. Patton was legendary for his battle planning and strategy as well as his straightforward, no nonsense approach to all aspects of life. The General’s leadership principles are just what is needed to help solve the most pressing problems of today’s business world as it strives to Move Forward or Accelerate Performance. Chuck Gumbert has combined the lessons learned from his research into Patton’s leadership strategies with his own experiences, approach and toolkit that he has used to lead successful business turnarounds.

About the Author

Chuck Gumbert, The Turnaround Specialist, has utilized a wealth of life and business experience as well as a knack for overcoming challenges, to guide numerous clients to success. From overcoming the debilitating effects of polio at age 2 to becoming a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy, Chuck's drive for accomplishment has led to his becoming a nationally recognized business leader, entrepreneur, speaker and mentor. Chuck has applied his Success Model and Three A's concepts to assist such organizations as The Tomcat Group, Goodrich, GE, TECT Aerospace and the US Navy in Accelerating Performance and achieving positive results in a short period of time.