Igniting Customer Connections

Andy Frawley

A new data-driven approach to building customer relationships that fuel sustainable business growth

Igniting Customer Connections explores how organizations of all sizes can build powerful and profitable customer relationships in a today’s increasingly complex, fast-paced, and fragmented marketplace. Written by the president of one of the world’s largest marketing firms, the book provides expert insights about connecting with customers effectively across all channels and over time. The central premise is a refreshingly different, evidence-based approach called Return On Experience and Engagement, or ROE2, which delivers a new way to inspire and measure customer connections—and improve business results.

The traditional marketing campaign—a battle for attention with a clear launch date and endpoint—no longer works. Marketing is faster and more complex than ever, and consumers now have the power to turn off the message. Igniting Customer Connections explores the benefits of a new approach that enables companies to connect with customers, rather than justtalk at them. Topics include:

  • – Why classic ROI is losing relevance as a way to measure results—and to budget marketing spend
  • – How to make powerful connections by taking full advantage of “atomic moments of truth”
  • – Amplifying the impact of customer experience and engagement
  • – Creating a continuous, measurable, repeatable process for growth


The key to winning customers and building long-term business is creating positive customer experiences that inspire ongoing engagement—from Facebook “likes” to purchase decisions. Based on data and stories drawn from dozens of top brands and thousands of consumers, Igniting Customer Connections helps marketers create long-term brand equity and sustainable business growth.



Best Seller TV :: Andy Frawley

This episode of Best Seller TV features Epsilon President and best-selling author Andy Frawley, whose book talks about the explosion of digital channels and how they create numerous opportunities for brands to engage with customers on an emotional level.

Book Trailer :: Igniting Customer Connections

About the Author

Andy Frawley is President of Epsilon, a global leader in creating customer connections that build brand and business equity. He has 30 years of operating experience, including 25 years at the senior management level, within agency, marketing services, consulting, enterprise software, software as a service (SaaS), and professional services companies. He’s also a leading subject matter expert on digital marketing, including email marketing, CRM, Big Data, database marketing, marketing automation, and customer value management.

He joined Epsilon (a Division of Alliance Data) in 2009 to lead digital marketing and quickly became President in 2012. Epsilon is a new breed of marketing company for a consumer-empowered world. Its unique approach harnesses the power of rich data, world-leading technologies, engaging creativity, and transformative ideas to ignite connections between brand and customers – delivering dramatic results.

This book distills Epsilon’s learnings – gleaned from working with some of the world’s leading marketers and from its more than 5,000 associates – into actionable strategies that you can put to use in your marketing, whether you’re a start-up or a major international brand. It provides insights from original consumer research and analysis of hundreds of thousands of data points gathered from leading brands, combined with petabytes of third-party and first-party data, that are pushing the boundaries of marketing.