#176 Forging Forward in the Food Industry with Nikki Lamb

Today, host Lydia Di Liello speaks with the President of Harvest Specialty Foods, Nikki Lamb, about her journey into the food manufacturing industry and what she has learned along the way. Business development and relationship building are some of Nikki’s greatest strengths, and she has a keen sense of tying together fruitful relationships that align to fulfill a clear vision. In this episode, Nikki elaborates on the trajectory of her career in manufacturing, starting with FormulaNow, an on-demand liquid concentrate dispensing system for baby formula that she founded and developed, and the power of failing forward. We also touch on the value of being the expert, owning your mistakes, and sharing the story of your products, as well as what Nikki means when she urges women in manufacturing to just “get in the room!” This conversation is filled with nuggets of information and inspiration, so make sure to tune in today!