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Carol Kaemmerer

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Recognized by The American Reporter as One of the Top 6 Personal Branding Experts


Promote your brand with authenticity, tact and power.

In 2022, The American Reporter identified Carol Kaemmerer as one of the top 6 personal branding experts after discovering her on LinkedIn. Carol’s urgent message about the importance of branding oneself effectively online has reached audiences worldwide through master classes, presentations, and her award-winning book, LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive: Promote Your Brand with Authenticity, Tact and Power – 2nd Edition. Her passion was ignited when she observed three 50+-year-old executive colleagues who lost their jobs in the 2008 recession conclude that they “guessed that they had retired” after a year of searching unsuccessfully for a new position. Several years later, when Carol’s long-term consulting role ended due to a company downsizing, she realized her now-retired colleagues had failed to understand that recruitment for executive roles was no longer dependent on the physical attractiveness of one’s resume but on information freely accessible 24/7 via LinkedIn. 

Before her personal branding and LinkedIn work, Carol developed messaging and marketing communications materials for a Fortune 500 high-tech medical device company, participating in global therapy and product launches. Since 2011, Carol has been shining her branding brilliance on people rather than products.  She helps C-suite executives and senior leaders use LinkedIn powerfully, creating positioning and messaging reflecting their true business passion with authenticity. Pairing her marketing flair and ability to communicate with her deep knowledge of the ever-changing LinkedIn platform, she optimizes her clients’ ability to be found on this essential social medium. She also teaches clients how to use LinkedIn graciously to nurture professional relationships and cultivate thought leadership with their ideal audience so they can increase their visibility and influence, attract high-performing talent, and steer their careers.

As a professional member of the National Speakers Association and Certified Virtual Presenter, Carol is a popular speaker and corporate trainer, specializing in effectively using LinkedIn as a personal branding and business development tool. Businesses engage Carol to create a larger footprint on LinkedIn, teach about LinkedIn and personal branding, provide one-on-one coaching to their top executives, and conduct employee workshops. When employees look good on LinkedIn, the company looks good too.

Carol is an Advisor to the C-Suite Network and an Esteemed Faculty Member of its Women’s Coaching and Consulting Council and Thought Council.

For personal one-on-one executive consultation, speaking or training, contact Carol through her website, carolkaemmerer.com or LinkedIn profile.