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Danny Davis

Danny is an experienced leader with a decades-long history in non-profit organization management. He is proficient in Social Media, Volunteer Management, Public Speaking, Content Creation and Development, Theology, and Customer Service. Danny is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology from Arkansas Tech University.

Upon graduating from ATU with a degree in Biology (for no apparent reason), Danny found himself immediately drawn to the music industry. He dedicated years to honing his skills in songwriting, arranging, composing, and performing. During his tenure as a studio musician, he discovered the importance of “the hang,” and came to understand that relationships are the backbone of all successful endeavors.

His professional journey has seen him manage a vast organization of creatives, both paid and volunteer. He has a knack for ensuring they all remain aligned and move collectively toward a shared vision.

In 2017, Danny and his partners founded Cuurio, a digital nonprofit aimed at addressing the “felt needs” of people globally, providing genuine assistance and connecting them to solutions.