Chris Westfall – Easier

 Chris Westfall, author of Easier: 60 Ways to Make Your Work Life Work for You recalls that this book wasn’t one that he set out to write, but one that he felt he needed to write. Throughout his career as a coach and consultant, he wanted this book to reflect the evolution of what he was seeing in the workplace and what his clients were experiencing as well. The book is a reflection of his experience coaching others as well as being coached in today’s corporate world. He emphasizes the book is a dialogue between an incredibly frustrated client and a coach. The client is fed up with his current job and is looking to find the courage to quit, so he hires a coach to help with that situation. What the client doesn’t realize is that in five days, he will be fired. Being fired is what Westfall refers to as a “life after career death story.”

Westfall wants others to see themselves in the story and see new possibilities, even after experiencing the ultimate (career) low. He wrote the book from a place of service and to make people realize that possibilities exist even when the road is paved with obstacles. Westfall’s focus was writing a book that felt organic to the current climate. In fact, he made a pact with himself that the only stories that would be included in the book would be those that fit the narrative organically. That, to him, is what being authentic is all about. He also wanted to dispel the myth that people don’t have to go at it alone, arguing that entrepreneurs tend to fall into that trap. In the end, “Anything of value involves other people.”