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As a Busy CEO you’re in the business of executing plans, achieving goals, & leading people. You spend the bulk of your time managing people, projects & generating growth for your business. Unfortunately, with all the demands on your life, you don’t spend nearly enough energy on managing your own family, finances and protecting your future.

Do not wait another minute to protect what you’ve earned and invested. Whether you need assistance with financial literacy or retirement and estate planning, I can help you handle it all.

Building a fabulous future without financial worries is exactly what I do for Successful CEOs/Entrepreneurs. I make it simple and easy for you to shape & manage your assets and enjoy a retirement filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

People, like you, come to me when they:

✔ Need to create an income they will never outlive
✔ Need to survive & thrive if a money or health disaster strikes
✔ Want to live a legacy not just leave one after they’re gone
✔ Need to protect their assets, minimize taxes, & secure their legacy

The landscape has changed for CEO’s/Entrepreneurs & my clients are tired of putting all of their energy into:

❌ Not knowing how to create an income that will never outlive
❌ Not knowing to survive & thrive if a money or health disaster strikes
❌ Not knowing how to live a legacy not just leave one after they’re gone
❌ Not knowing about the need to protect their assets, minimize taxes

Within just a few months protecting earned and invested finances, they’re frequently able to:

👉Know your family and assets are protected because you have the necessary, legal documentation in place
👉Protect your retirement with strategies used by the 1%
👉Execute your plan to create an income you will never outlive
👉Enjoy insightful conversations with your family about $, building wealth & protecting your lifestyles

As a Legacy Wealth Strategist, Asset Protection Specialist, #1 Best Selling Author, and Speaker, I show Successful CEOs how to create income they will never outlive for life without work. Our services include financial literacy, retirement & estate planning, setting up the necessary legal protections for your family, assets & lifestyle to create a plan for financial health – Healthy Money Happy Life has a program to help you.

I’m here to make managing & protecting your finances and lifestyle SIMPLE.
If you like to know how I help lets hop on a 15min coffee chat, I’ll even share with you my best keep secrets.

My calendar https://meetwithkrismiller.com/
951-926-4158, Kris@HealthyMoneyHappyLife.com

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