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You’re Better Than You Think

“Your perception becomes your reality. Control your perception to control your reality.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert

When receiving feedback indicating that you’re not good enough, how do you handle it? When others deny you entry into their group, what emotions does that conjure up in your mind? What’s your predominant thought?

No matter the outcome, when negativity befalls you, never let that outcome become the ultimate belief that defines who you are. Challenge yourself. Think that you’re better than you’re thinking!

Limiting Beliefs:

Once you accept beliefs, they become your reality. They shape the way you view, assess, and determine the validity of information that aligns with your beliefs. Therefore, your beliefs become the trigger that determines your acceptance or rejection of information.

Knowing you control what you believe, allows you to exercise control over your beliefs. The mitigating factor that you consider subliminally is how others view you based on your acceptance or denial of information. Be aware of that factor. Reckoning with it allows you to be more subjective. You successfully proffer your reality if you shape its meaning to support the vision you have of yourself.

It’s your life we’re talking about. You can’t give control to others such that you allow them to completely control you. If you allow their thoughts of you to be the overwhelming factor by which you make decisions, you won’t be your own person, you’ll be theirs.


Know what triggers your limiting beliefs. Test their validity. With the passage of time, new beliefs become prevalent; you accept them as being valid. Are your beliefs valid?

The more you control the triggers that shape your thinking, the greater your ability will be to control your thoughts. That will allow you to control your thoughts to your advantage.

When you feel besieged by doubt, when you think you’ve reached the summit of your possibilities, shun such thoughts. First, cast them aside and then cast them out; they’re limiting. Doing so will allow a new spectrum of possibilities to become exposed … and everything will be right with the world

What does this have to do with negotiations?

Doubt is a silent partner that rides the mind of every negotiator. “If I do this, what will she do? If I don’t accept the offer, will I lose the deal? She’s a much better negotiator than I am. I better give her what she wants.”

If you allow such thoughts to cloud your decisions, you will disadvantage yourself in the negotiation. Instead of focusing on your potential losses, consider what she might have to lose; better yet, focus on how you’ll maximize your gains. In her mind, her position may be more tenuous than yours. You’ll never realize that advantage if you’re stuck on your limited belief thinking. You’re better than that.

So, in your next negotiation, consider all the accomplishments you’ve achieved in the past. You may not have received everything you sought, but you should have received something that allowed you to feel good. Feeling good about some aspect of the outcome will enhance your beliefs about your abilities. From there, continue to build upon the positive perspective you have. That will continuously enhance the belief that you’re better than that.

Remember, you’re always negotiating! 

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