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Maurits van Sambeek
Omnibenevolence Secrets Every Philanthropy Director Needs To Know! (and Why You Should Read This Book Even If You’re Not A Philanthropy Director) Learn How To Create AND Apply Your New Philosophy Of Philanthropy …without fear for bad press or wasting any money in the process. Use these techniques to reduce fundraising stress, to engage team, staff and board more in philanthropic activities, and stop the criticisms on your philanthrop ....
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Peter Margaritis
Going OFF SCRIPT doesn’t come naturally to most organizational leaders. We want to control the narrative, ensure ideal outcomes, script the conversations, manage the problems, predict the future, and win (negotiations, new business, market share, and more). But what if good leaders could become better leaders by doing the opposite — by letting go of the control, by going ....
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Steve Lishansky
  The journey of leadership is one of the most significant endeavors of humanity. Leadership is important for us to understand as individuals - and essential to the ultimate well-being of our people, organizations, communities, and the world at large. While our leadership decisions determine the direction and consequences of our life and organizational outcomes, too few leaders have a consistent, congruent, and coherent ba ....
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Tom Fox
The “Nuts and Bolts” for Creating a Comprehensive Compliance Plan The first chapter of this unique work lays out a succinct yet thorough 31-day approach to operationalizing a company’s compliance regimen. Beginning with a section on what 2020 brought to the compliance landscape, the chapter goes on to methodically outline best practices for everything from establishing policies, procedures and internal controls, to asse ....
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    With so many new business books and titles published each year, where do C-Suite business leaders begin to find which ones are worth the read? Best Seller TV sits down with the authors of the world's leading business books to get it straight from the source as to what makes their books stand out from the crowd. Learn how the business books featured here can help business owners and executives and why you should go out to buy them today.

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The Age of Insight, Women’s Coaching and Consulting Council Meeting

C-Suite Network Women’s Coaching & Consulting Council presents: “The Age of Insight.” Thursday, January 20, 20
Date: Jan 20Time: 5:00 PM EDT